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DeveloperWeeek Sponsor Hackathon Challenges & Prizes

Canon U.S.A

Canon's Camera Control API ChallengeOPT IN

1ST Place – up to $2500 ($500 Canon Gift Card per participant)

2nd Place – up to $1250 ($250 Canon Gift Card per participant)

Get access to Canon’s all new Camera Control API and develop a creative application of your own. The CCAPI is a RESTful API that connects via Wi-Fi to simplify integration. Create a working application in a clean format. The application must be considered to be the best use case of the CCAPI provided. The application you design is entirely up to you. The most creative and impressive use of Canon’s CCAPI will win. Canon will award efficiency creativity and innovation as the deciding factors in the use case. Essentially use the functionality of the CCAPI to create the best Image Acquisition and/or Remote Camera Control application that you can think of.

Grading Criteria:

25 points: Use of the API 30 points: Innovation

30 points: Creativity

15 points: Presentation

Extra Credit for Scalability Extra Credit for Marketability

Amadeus for Developers

Amadeus for Developers - Stress-Free Travel ChallengeOPT IN

1st Place: Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 (one for each member of the team)

2nd Place: Nintendo Switch Lite

Amadeus for Developers is an open API platform where you can connect to the data and functionalities that power the top names in travel. Get access to rich travel content to help your users through their journey and use powerful inspiration, search and booking capabilities to take your idea to the next level. 

The travel industry is one of the biggest industries in the world. It accounts for over 10% of global GDP and is expected to grow by 3.5% over the next decade. This growth, however, is not without it challenges. And these challenges require innovative solutions. The challenge is to use technology to reduce stress in travel. When traveling, stress can take many forms: - Numerous or lengthy layovers - Flight delays or cancellations - Out-of-the-way hotel locations - Inconvenient departure times - Unfamiliar destinations ...And that's just the beginning!

For this challenge, you'll have to use Amadeus for Developers Self-Service APIs to create a solution for stress-free travel. Are you up to the challenge?

The winners will be determined according to the following criteria:

  • Best usage of Amadeus Self-Service APIs. To be eligible to win our prize, you must use our APIs.
  • Innovation. We're looking for creative solutions, so let your imagination fly!
  • Technical awesomeness: The solution should be advanced, elegant and scalable.
  • Real-world business potential.

Create an account on the Amadeus for Developers portal and check out our hackathon-starter repository on GitHub with all the resources you need to start coding in minutes!


Two-Factor, Multi-Factor, or Passwordless Authentication with the YubiKeyOPT IN

1st Place The challenge that our judges deem best aligned with the above criteria will receive US$2000 and a set of limited-edition laser etched YubiKeys -- plus, we will promote it on our website and on social media.

2nd place A set of limited-edition laser etched YubiKeys

 Yubico believes that everyone deserves strong, easy, and affordable authentication, and we are committed to helping every internet citizen take control of their online identities. That’s why we invented the YubiKey — a multi-protocol, multi-factor authentication (MFA) device used by millions around the globe — and co-authored the FIDO U2F and FIDO2 open authentication standards. The DeveloperWeek San Francisco Hackathon is your opportunity to ensure the innovative product(s) you're building are also secured with strong authentication using a YubiKey.

OUR CHALLENGE: We want security to be a top priority during the Hackathon—and also easy to implement! Any connected device, mobile application, web service, or network requires adequate protection for user data security and privacy. The YubiKey is designed to make that a possibility with easy and strong authentication. We challenge you to incorporate a YubiKey into a Web Authentication (WebAuthn) flow for a standalone project, or any number of other DeveloperWeek challenges. Working with the YubiKey is flexible and agile as it supports multiple authentication protocols besides FIDO2/WebAuthn, including one-time password (OTP) , smart card (PIV), OpenPGP, and FIDO U2F. YubiKeys are compatible with iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Chrome OS operating systems. Visit to find integration libraries, plugins and documentation, which you can use to make your project work with the YubiKey. All YubiKey authentication protocols are welcome but we prefer and will prioritize judging of WebAuthn/FIDO2 authentication solutions.

During the DevWeek Conference, Yubico employees will be on site at Booth #214 to help answer integration questions. Integration use case ideas: - Add hardware-backed passwordless authentication to your service or application by integrating the YubiKey using the FIDO2 / Web Authentication standards. - Add hardware-backed multi-factor authentication by integrating the YubiKey using the OTP (one-time password), FIDO U2F, or FIDO2 authentication standards. - Store secrets on a YubiKey instead of the file system. Use it to generate certificates, sign, encrypt, and decrypt data by integrating PIV or OpenPGP.

TEAM INSTRUCTIONS: Visit Yubico in booth #214 on Thursday, February 13 and Friday, February 14 to familiarize yourself with the functionality of the YubiKey, and receive a complimentary YubiKey for your challenge. Determine if you want to build a standalone solution with the YubiKey, or if you would like to add YubiKey 2FA functionality to another DeveloperWeek challenge you are working on. Establish which authentication protocol you would like to use for the integration. This is primarily dependent on how much time you have for the challenge, what type of data you are protecting, and what type of user experience you want to offer your users. Review YubiKey documentation from to begin integrating with the YubiKey.

JUDGING: Yubico judges will evaluate projects based on YubiKey integrations, but also the larger project as a whole. While the technical security architecture and implementation is critical, we are also looking for innovative solutions that address unique or important use cases for consumers or enterprises. Each challenge will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Originality/Innovation: How original or innovative is this solution compared to other products and platforms already available on the market? The challenge should provide a unique approach to solving a problem.
  • Impact: What is the potential for the project to drive immediate real-world impact?
  • Security and User Privacy: To what extent does the solution ensure user data is secure and privacy is maintained?
  • Design / User Experience: Is the solution intuitive and easy to use? Does it adhere to Yubico’s standards of frictionless, strong secure authentication using the YubiKey?
  • Functionality: Working functionality of the application as submitted.
  • Strategic Approach: We recognize that this is a hackathon challenge and that time is limited. While some of the integrations may not be complete or perfected, we are looking for teams who can speak to the larger vision of the project, share long-term goals, and what they might have been done differently if given more time.

HERE Technologies

Rockstar Routing: Build a location aware route map that allows ride sharing companies to offer better or more unique & entertaining services to their customers. Using the HERE Location API’s found at

1st Place - $1500 Amazon gift card per team
2nd Place - $500 Amazon gift card per team

HERE offers the only comprehensive suite of API’s that enables companies to build Mobility on Demand ride sharing services. What we want you to do is get creative and expand the ride sharing offerings to include concepts like nationwide services, intern-continental travel, entertainment-focused offerings or something completely different. Literally the world is available to you.

To get started we created an international routing map that presents the “cheapest” routes when navigating by road. From Mumbai to Moscow you can check the cheapest route! It’s just a small nugget of what you can do with the HERE API’s. - has everything you need for location-based integration.

HERE’s Toll Cost Routing Map -
HERE’s Fleet Telematics APIs –
HERE’s Developer Portal -


Hack Your Way to the Borderless Economy

First Place: $1,000 + Codrone+ Thule 32L Backpack
Second Place: Gotenna + Matrix Creator + Raspberry Pi 4 4GB

Algorand makes it simple and fast for developers to build on blockchain. With Java, JavaScript (node.js and browser), Go, and Python SDKs, along with REST APIs, you can build on Algorand in your preferred programming languages. Easily get up and running writing node or web applications on Algorand and quickly integrate with applications in common languages.

Why Build on Algorand


Visit for access to all of our dev tools. 

  • We encourage you to use this Hackathon Lab Exercise to familiarize yourself with all of the Algorand developer tools. This exercise includes step by step instructions for: Getting Started, Private Network, Goal command line, AlgoExplorer, SDKs and Resources.
  • Feel free to communicate and ask questions with others in the community on gitter or on discord
  • Use any of the dev tools provided and leverage our SDKs and APIs to create a unique application on Algorand! 
  • Bonus if you write to and read from the ‘note field’


Using any of our dev tools qualifies your team for prizes. However, the judging team will give preference to teams that demonstrate creative competence by:
1. Using one of the SDK's
2. Using new Algorand features (ASA, Atomic Transfers, ASC1)
3. Using multiple dev tools
An example solution would be to: Build a solution for asset management using one our SDK's, the solution should be able to:
* Create and configure assets
* Transfers Assets (different asset classes)
* Use TEAL logic around the asset transactions
* Bonus: Build a UI for the solution (command line, web based or other) in any language.

Judging Criteria 

  • Quality of Idea : How creative and original is the idea?
  • Implementation of the Idea : How does the application use Algorand’s SDKs, notefield, or other developer tools?
  • Creativity: How creative or innovative is the application?
  • Impact: How applicable is the solution to the real world? Is the impact positive?
  • Completeness : How complete is this application with respect to the Algorand dev tools?


Points of Interest - Connect users with local entrepreneurs to reduce food waste!

1st prize is $1500

2nd prize is $500

The problem:
Roughly one third of the food produced globally for human consumption gets wasted. Local entrepreneurs (restaurants, hotels, bars) look for a solution to connect with the community and reduce food waste. As people become more environmentally conscious, they look for ways to prevent food waste. For example, they look for places to pick up some left-over food – eliminating food waste and usually getting it at a cheaper price.

The challenge:
Your challenge is to build an app that helps to achieve these goals of eliminating food waste, using location technology by TomTom. Take advantage of the entire TomTom APIs portfolio to access extended places content and enrich the user experience. The most creative and best executed apps win the first and second place prizes!

Judging guidelines:

  • Score for each criteria will be between 0 and 10
  • Business Relevance -  Team TomTom will judge if the problem is being and if there is a good business model or go-to-market strategy for the idea.
  • Use of the TomTom Maps APIs - Try to understand which and how many TomTom APIs have been used and if they are contributing to solving the problem.
  • Pitching -   Judge how well the team is able to explain what they have been doing, how they have done it and why they should win the prize.
  • Ideas for Future -  Team TomTom will judge if the team already thought about next steps or additional features they would like to implement to make this better/more successful 

1st prize is $1500

2nd prize is $500

At TomTom, we have over 28 year of experience in perfecting our maps and technology. We believe in freedom of choice – meaning, no advertising, no subscription and no need for a credit card on file. Visit to get access to 2,500 daily free credits and unlimited access to our Maps APIs - RTC App Challenge

1st Place - $500
2nd Place - $250

Agora RTC App Challenge: Build an app or website that uses the Agora (RTC) platform to solve a real-world problem, reinvent the future, or simply be creative! Bonus points awarded for solutions with AI functionality overlaid on the RTC stream. This can range from sentiment analysis to facial detection to...well, just about anything. Show us your best results!


Use NEAR's Typescript web IDE and TestNet to deploy your first decentralized applications in less than a minute, and get a head start building your project.

 NEAR is a platform for building decentralization applications with a fanatical emphasis on developer experience and UX.

Use our Typescript web IDE and TestNet to deploy your first decentralized applications in less than a minute, and get a head start building your project.

We have templates with React frontend, so you can immediately start building using familiar tools.

Or use our Rust bindgen to build an application using one of the hottest languages of the decade, and learn along the way how to create secure and reliable decentralized services.

NEAR envisions a future in which all the core social services are decentralized and are run and operated by the community. We want people to be certain that no application or service they use collects their data in non transparent ways, changes the rules behind the scenes, or takes away access to the service.

We also want user generated content and data to be maintained in such a way, that no entity can get access to the data without user’s consent, but also that complex useful services can be built by the community that leverage the data with permission in the ways that benefits the society. We call it Open State. Think Open Source, but not just the source of the service is open, the state is also open and available to all.


We will be giving away four $500 prizes in four categories:

- Best reusable component / library ($500)

Decentralized applications with open state can be composed. Useful stateful component is like an NPM package, once built it can be used by any decentralized application. Build a useful open state component or library to win this prize.

- Best social application ($500)

This prize will go to the most interesting social application built on NEAR. What service can benefit society the most, and will benefit from being a community-owned application?

- Best game ($500)

Decentralized games have an advantage for the players that all the assets the players accumulate in such games belong to them, not to the game operator. Knowing that the assets cannot be taken away without reason creates a healthier economy in games, and gives more power to the players. Build a decentralized game on NEAR to claim this prize.

- Our favorite ($500)

This prize will go to the most interesting and creative use of NEAR.



TIBCO Software - Build your blockchain decentralized app using model driven Project Dovetail™ Challange

1st Place - $2000 Amazon Gift Card

2nd Place - $1000 Amazon Gift Card

Developing blockchain solutions with today’s technology is challenging given the lack of tooling and standardization. Project Dovetail™ by TIBCO LABS™ addresses these issues by providing a graphical interface for modeling smart contracts as well as your client application, making them easier to write, visualize, test, and audit, all without deep programming experience.

OUR CHALLENGE: We challenge you to use our Smart Contract modeling tool Project Dovetail™ to create an end to end blockchain app (Client App + Smart Contract) that can showcase the power of blockchain and decentralized applications.

Judging criteria:
Comprehensive use of Project Dovetail™ - 30 points
Impact/relevance of blockchain use case - 30 points
Completeness (end to end solution) - 25 points
Creativity - 15 points

Extra credit:
(1) create extensions (trigger, connectors, activities) to support additional functionalities - up to 25 points
(2) usage/showcase of other Tibco Cloud products as part of the solution - up to 20 points
(3) usage/showcase of other complementary technologies - up to 10 points

1st Place: $1000 donated to an approved charity of your choice + $1000 amazon gift card
2nd Place: $500 donated to an approved charity of your choice + $500 amazon gift card

Challenge Overview:
From the devastating wildfires in Australia to rapidly expanding spread of coronavirus, our world is under siege by a variety of threatening natural disasters and potential epidemics. In 2018, the United States, alone, experienced 14 disasters that cost the economy as much or more than $1 billion dollars each and thousands of fatalities.

Your challenge: Build an application that optimizes agreement workflows using the DocuSign Agreement Cloud APIs to better prepare or relieve victims of natural disasters or epidemics.