DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon

Join 600+ Developers & Hackers at the Nations's Largest Challenge Driven Hackathon.

The DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon is the Nations's Largest Challenge Driven hackathon.

View all the amazing hackathon challenges & prizes located to the right in the gold bar as well as here

February 15 - 16, 2020

Galvanize San Francisco – SoMa


1. Register via Eventbrite.

2. Create a DevPost account and click Register on the DevPost DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon page.

3. Doors Open Saturday, February 15 at 10 AM! Check out the full DeveloperWeek 2020 Hackathon schedule here

* All Hackathon Attendees must be pre-registered on Eventbrite & DevPost.


Age - 18 years and older. 

Citizenship - Participants from any country are allowed to participate. Visa support letters are not supplied to Hackathon Pass Holders.

Location - Participants must be on-site to participate. 

Team Size - Teams can range in size from 1 - 5 people. 

Registration - Must register via Eventbrite & Devpost prior to Hackathon.


All event attendees will need to register on Eventbrite and DevPost.

This is the platform where participants will need to submit and upload their final projects prior to the end of the event

Teams may be composed of 1-5 individuals.

Presentations and supporting content should be uploaded to Devpost prior to the end of the submission period.  

All submissions must include a 2-5 minute demonstration (e.g. PowerPoint) or other visual digital presentation of the application /prototype/ or solution, which be used during 1st round and Final Round of judging.

Round 1 Judging

Round 1 Judges will hear you pitch at your table on Sunday Feb 16 at 11:30 AM and fill out a score card (Please be prepared for 3 Minutes of Pitching and 2 Minutes of questions)

A max 1 demonstration (e.g. PowerPoint) or other visual digital presentation of the application or solution is highly sugguested  Presentations should be no more than 3 minutes in length. They should be in the same general format and should include:

  • Selected problem statement your product seeks to address
  • Introduction to your product
  • How it works
  • What resources are needed for the implementation of the product
  • Ways in which it can be implemented
  • A real life situation your product will address and the resulting impact on the community/city/country

Teams should be ready for 2 minutes of Q&A by the panel of judges. In addition, a series of similar questions will need to be answered on your team’s page on DevPost. Presentations must be uploaded before the event is over.

Top 5 Judging

The Top 5 project teams (as decided by the Overall Judges - Round 1) will pitch on the Main Stage to all attendees. You will be notified via phone call if you are selected in the Top 5.  The Top 5 must attend a PRE Top 5 Meeting to test your presentation and review presentations guidelines.

Once on the Main Stage you will have a total of 5 minutes (3 minutes to present, 2 minutes for questions from the final round judges). No additional time will be allowed.

Hackathon Sponsors


$56,000 in prizes

DeveloperWeek 2020 Overall Winner

Canon - Canon's Camera Control API Challenge (2)

• 1ST Place – up to $2500 ($500 Canon Gift Card per participant)
• 2nd Place – up to $1250 ($250 Canon Gift Card per participant)

TIBCO Software - Build your blockchain decentralized app using model driven Project Dovetail™ Challenge (2)

• 1st Place - $2000 Amazon Gift Card
• 2nd Place - $1000 Amazon Gift Card

DocuSign - Best Disaster Preparedness & Relief Solutions using DocuSign (2)

1st Place: $1000 donated to an approved charity of your choice + $1000 amazon gift card
2nd Place: $500 donated to an approved charity of your choice + $500 amazon gift card

Amadeus for Developers - Stress-Free Travel Challenge (2)

• 1st Place - Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM3 (one for each member of the team)
• 2nd Place - Nintendo Switch Lite for each member of the team

Yubico - Two-Factor, Multi-Factor, or Passwordless Authentication with the YubiKey (2)

* 1st Place - US$2000 and a set of limited-edition laser etched YubiKeys -- plus, we will promote it on our website and on social media.

• 2nd place - A set of limited-edition laser etched YubiKeys.

HERE Technologies - Rockstar Routing Challenge (2)

• 1st Place - $1500 Amazon gift card per team
• 2nd Place - $500 Amazon gift card per team

TomTom - Points of Interest - Connect users with local entrepreneurs to reduce food waste Challenge (2)

• 1st Place - $1500
• 2nd Place - $500

NEAR - The Use NEAR’s Typescript web IDE and TestNet to deploy your first decentralized applications in less than a minute, and get a head start building your project Challenge (4)

4 Teams will win $500 each for :
• Best reusable component / library
• Best social application
• Best game
• Overall Favorite

Algorand - Hack Your Way to the Borderless Economy Challenge (2)

• 1st Place: $500 + Codrone+ Thule 32L Backpack
• 2nd Place: Gotenna + Matrix Creator + Raspberry Pi 4 4GB - RTC App Challenge (2)

• 1st Place - $500
• 2nd Place - $250

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Geoff Domoracki

Geoff Domoracki

Jonathan Pasky

Jonathan Pasky

Madan Thangavelu

Madan Thangavelu
Senior Manager, Uber

Zafar Shahid

Zafar Shahid
Technical Lead, Facebook

Vladimir Bacvanski

Vladimir Bacvanski
Principal Architect, Strategic Architecture, PayPal

Kyle Campbell

Kyle Campbell
Founder & CEO,

Mike Stowe

Mike Stowe
Developer Relations, RingCentral

Ankit Srivastava

Ankit Srivastava
Staff Software Engineer, Uber Technologies

Aditi Garg

Aditi Garg
Engineering Manager, Zillow Group

Miguel Torres

Miguel Torres
Principal Architect, TIBCO

Anthony Roux

Anthony Roux
Developer Relations Manager, Amadeus IT

Hermes Frangoudis

Hermes Frangoudis
Developer Evangelist,

Olivia Vahsen

Olivia Vahsen
Developer Advocate, TomTom

Peter DePaulo

Peter DePaulo
Head of DevX, NEAR

Judging Criteria

  • Progress
    How much progress did you make?
  • Concept
    Does it solve a real problem?
  • Feasibility
    Could this become a startup or company?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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